Hey everyone.  I'll dive into my passions and things I will be blogging about in a bit, but the first thing you should know about me is that my wife and I have 2 awesome kids who thankfully consume our lives.  As all parents know, parenting is a challenge but well worth the investment.

I'm a software architect, currently working at Episerver, with experience in many platforms.  .NET has been my bread & butter forever so that's my main focus but certainly not the only technology stack I'm passionate about.  In addition to software architecture, design and coding, I also dive into home networking a little bit.  Certainly not an expert but I suppose I'm knowledgeable enough to be dangerous.

I'm also an avid ball hockey player, a goalie.  I've seriously slowed down how often I play these days (getting older, life getting busier).  I still manage to play once a week and that's kind of my escape from day-to-day life.

I have a lot of hobbies but my most recent hobby is brewing beer.  I started this late in life - have always loved beer and thought about diving into it for years until I finally pulled the trigger in 2015.  I'm an all-grain brewer but only have time for about 4-5 brews a year.  It's easier now with my electric indoor brewing gear so I'm hoping that will allow me to brew more!