I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe in these crazy times.  With most people working remotely for the foreseeable future, it's making it a little tougher as that face-to-face contact many of us are used to is on hold.  Sharing ideas & updates, organizing meetups and offering training are things that Episerver always does so well and a lot of these initiatives are done in person.  In order to adapt to the shift in work-style, here are 3 exciting things that you can look forward to as an Episerver professional in Q2 of 2020!

  1. Starting Friday April 10, 2020, we will be hosting a weekly online technical meetup for Episerver Partners - Episerver Dev Happy Hour!  The goal is to bring together the technical community, talk about Epi and anything else going on (non-Epi related) in order to share knowledge and get to know one another better.  Nothing formal - just a relaxed environment and a place to ask questions, learn and share.  Check out the details here!
  2. Our online training is FREE for everyone until the end of June!  Courses you sign up for are available for 30 days so I would add one or 2 at a time and when finished, you can add more.  Navigate to our Come Back Stronger campaign for details - https://www.episerver.com/education/come-back-stronger/
  3. Foundation, our reference architecture site, has now made documentation public on Github.   It's still a work in progress so don't expect perfection and please send feedback so that the documentation can continue to evolve!  Check it out at https://github.com/episerver/Foundation-docs/